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Project Documents

The following documents reflect the development of the ARROW Project:

Document title Date Author Download
HERDC Working Group : final report 2nd February, 2009 Teula Morgan, Angela Lang, Michael Wood, Andrew Harrison, Vicki Picasso, Tom Ruthven, Jenny Quilliam, Kate Watson PDF, 345 KB Text, 65 KB
ARROW Mini-Project SunOfFedora / The Fascinator - Final Report 19th December, 2008 Chandler, Bronwyn PDF, 70 KB Text, 5 KB
Complex Objects and Collections in ARROW/Fedora 9th December, 2008 La Trobe University Library PDF, 98 KB Text, 10 KB
Metadata: three years hence 17th October, 2008 Katie Blake PDF, 464 KB Text, 4 KB
Moving the Repository upstream 17th October, 2008 Chris Rusbridge PDF, 326 KB Text, 6 KB
Future Prospects and Challenges for Establishing a Qualitative Data Archive: The Researcher Perspective 17th October, 2008 Lynda Cheshire PDF, 112 KB Text, 8 KB
The Australian National Data Service And Implications For Repositories 17th October, 2008 Andrew Treloar PDF, 8206 KB Text, 9 KB
Developing Practical Management Skills for Digital Repository Content: Legal Issues 17th October, 2008 Kylie Pappalardo PDF, 431 KB Text, 12 KB
Challenges for data driven biomedical research 17th October, 2008 Ashley Buckle PDF, 3068 KB Text, 2914 KB
Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA), the Accessibility Framework and ASHER 17th October, 2008 Dr Alexander Cooke PDF, 196 KB Text, 8 KB
ARROW HERDC Working Group - Interim Report May 2008 11th June, 2008 Teula Morgan, Michael Wood, Andrew Harrison, Vicki Picasso, Tom Ruthven, Jenny Quilliam, Kate Watson PDF, 97 KB Text, 16 KB
Muradora : A Turnkey GUI for Fedora Repository Supporting Federated Identity And Flexible Access Control 22nd February, 2008 Dr. Chi Nguyen PDF, 252 KB Text, 8 KB
Fedora @ UniSA 22nd February, 2008 Prashant Pandey PDF, 405 KB Text, 5 KB
Dictionary of Sydney 22nd February, 2008 Stewart Wallace PDF, 166 KB Text, 6 KB
ARROW Mini-Projects Scheme description 20th November, 2006 ARROW PDF, 191 KB Text, 9 KB
ARROW Stage 2 project description 4th August, 2006 ARROW PDF, 208 KB Text, 51 KB
ARROW Community Draft Proposal 4th May, 2006 Dr Andrew Treloar, Mr Geoff Payne PDF, 196 KB Text, 15 KB
ARROW Discovery Service Scope Statement 12th August, 2005 Debbie Campbell PDF, 73 KB Text, 1 KB
ARROW Discovery Service Search Fields 12th August, 2005 Debbie Campbell PDF, 64 KB Text, 4 KB
ARROW Discovery Service Harvesting Guide 23rd June, 2005 Debbie Campbell PDF, 162 KB Text, 17 KB
Transforming scholarly communication 11th March, 2005 Cathrine Harboe-Ree PDF, 215 KB Text, 61 KB
ARROW Branded Services Profile 5th September, 2004 ARROW PDF, 45 KB Text, 6 KB
ARROW project description 29th September, 2003 ARROW PDF, 407 KB Text, 47 KB
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