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Metadata Advisory Committee for Australian Repositories (MACAR)

For current MACAR activity, please visit the MACAR wiki.

MACAR is a platform-independent group advising on standards for metadata in Australian repositories.

  1. Goals

    MACAR’s goal is to be an internationally recognised authority on metadata standards for repositories, and for generating and promulgating best practice metadata standards across any repository. The primary focus is on the needs of the Australian repository community, independent of software platform.
    The Group aims to:
    • share metadata knowledge and experience among members of the digital repository community in Australia
    • facilitate public discussion of metadata standards, specifications and application profiles for digital collections
    • support interoperability of systems • recommend best practice metadata standards
    • provide advice and guidance related to metadata to the Australian repository community
  2. Membership

    A core committee of limited numbers is designed to ensure that the group is agile and can make quick decisions. A group of expert associate members have full access to all the documents and discussions.
    MACAR is convened by Katie Blake and Joan Gray, from the ARROW Project.
  3. Communication

    MACAR work is documented and discussed at Anyone may read the wiki and download any attached files. Membership (free) enables participation in the discussion forum.
  4. Achievements

    MACAR has developed a vocabulary of resource types, and a data dictionary for those resource types. Additional vocabularies are added as required. See for documentation.
    Mapping to simple Dublin Core and MARCXML has been done for many of the properties in the data dictionary. See
    A discussion forum is available at Active discussion is encouraged.
    A 2008 survey of the ARROW community indicated widespread takeup of the vocabularies.
    MACAR provides input to bodies such as the National Library of Australia and the Australian Research Council in providing standard terms for describing digital resources for harvest and for reporting.
    Repository managers are encouraged to contact MACAR at or via the MACAR Wiki on an as-needs basis when advice on metadata standards is required.